Whilst it is almost impossible to think of a group of people or a sector that hasn’t been impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, it is clear that older people are one of the groups most at risk of succumbing to the disease.

Over the past couple of weeks we have had to make some adjustments – some large, some small –so we can continue to provide safe services for staff, volunteers and users. These include our dementia support services, the dementia case work service, and our @online club network in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. At the same time, the staff team has moved to home working. As a result we will continue to provide services to some of the people who are most affected by the lockdown. Check the service details on our website pages.

It is ironic that our @online club groups programme – which supports older people learn how to go online safely – has had to be cancelled at the very time when being more confident on going online can provide older people with both a way to reduce the boredom and loneliness of social isolation, and an ability to access services and advice quickly and independently. We will therefore be providing technical support and advice for older people via a telephone hotline very soon.

Fiona Baird

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